HaynesPro for Cars

We offer HaynesPro for Cars and light commercial vehicles, includes the Technical, Electrical and Smart Modules. HaynesPro Car addition is not included in the truck package. We also however offer a 1 user licence package, making it even more cost effective for our workshops.

Quick breakdown

  • HaynesPro covers about 85% of South African vehicles.
  • No Chinese manufactures are covered in HaynesPro eg. GWM
  • Engine codes and VIN numbers can be used to search vehicles.
  • We offer a 7 day trial licence to all workshops to test before purchase.
  • Professional technical support in real time.
  • HaynesPro WorkshopData is an annual subscription.
  • Updates are done on a daily bases at no extra charge.

Website – www.workshoppro.co.za

HaynesPro Truck Data for Africa