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What is HaynesPro

HaynesPro is cloud baised online data there to assist workshops through WorkshopData. It contains information on a viriaty of OEM-based data for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. HaynesPro works to help you increase revenue through increasing efficiency and quick identification of known faults. HaynesPro is continuously updating their software to include the latest vehicles and to increase customer satisfaction, all while staying as cost effective as possible for the workshop.

Modules in HaynesPro

Technical Module:

This module is the cornerstone of HaynesPro WorkshopData software. With this you will receive over 25 years of experince and deticated IT professionals which work to give you the best solution for your workshop.


  • Identification data
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment data
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Repair manuals
  • Recalls
  • Repair times
  • Technical drawings
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Electrical Module:

With the intelligent VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistent) system your technicians can identify, locate component errors and fix electrical faults. Multiple fault codes can also be entered to find the common fault, reducing time and effort spent.


  • VESA™ (Guided diagnostics)
  • Comfort Wiring Diagrams
  • Fuses and Relays
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Smart Module:

Helps your mechanics quickly find common faults and reduces time fixing them, also includes OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls.


  • Known fixes and tips (SmartCASE™)
  • Technical Service Bulletins (SmartFIX™)
  • Recalls
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7 Day Trial Licence

We can create all workshops a 7 day trial licence so you can test HaynesPro in your workshop at no extra charge, during this time follow up calls will be made to answer any questions you might have. We will also give you training if needed to start you on the system. If you would like to start with a trial licence please email us with your company details or call us to discuss the system.


We offer HaynesPro Truck WorkshopData as a four user licence, meaning that four members can be logged into HaynesPro on their devices at the same time for a years subscription. The price below also includes VAT.

R11 995 (VAT Inc.)

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